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Dress Codes

Which dress codes means what? Here are the answers:

Casual - Sporty Casual - Leisure Look

Relaxed outfit. Casual but not neglectful. Here you can emphasize your personal style and turn up looking totaly individual.

Smart Casual - Urban Chic

Similar to Business Casual. Here it is possible to dress more according to fashion trends, especially with regard to accessories.

Business Casual - Casual Elegance

Somewhat more formal than casual an more leisurely than the business suit.. When in doubt, choose casual trousers (for example chinos) instead of jeans. No tie. Combination of trousers and blazer. If need be, together with a polo shirt or pullover.

Business Suit, Business Attire

Discreet Suit in a darker color, or a simple combination of jacket and trousers. White, plain light colored or discreetly patterned shirt with tie.

Dark Suit

A dark suit, black or midnight blue, with a white shirt and black shoes with leader soles is often required on festive occasions. The tie can be made of a shiny material. Completing the outfit with cufflinks and a pockethandkerchief can make it even more festive.

Formal - Tuxedo - Smoking

Worn with a wing collar shirt and bowtie. The cumberbund replaces the belt. Patent leather shoes complete the outfit . Only worn in the evening.

Download this helpful statement here, about the different types of formal dress codes!

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